Movie Review: Madagascar 3: Europe’s most wanted!

The third installment of the Madagascar franchise brings all it’s protagonists, Alex ‘The Lion (Ben Stiller)’, Marty ‘The Zebra’ (Chris Rock) , Gloria ‘The Hippo’ (Jada Pinket Smith) and Melvin ‘The Giraffe’ (David Schwimmer)  and the Penguins back into the spotlight as they try make their back to the Big Apple. Having spent some time in the barren lands of Africa, realisation has dawned upon them that Zoo is where they truly belong.

En route, they earn the appellation “Europe’s Most Wanted” as they land themselves in the wrong books of a animal control officer Chantes DuBois (Frances McDormand). As fate had planned for them they somehow become a part of Circus consisting of Vitaly the Tiger (Bryan Cranston) , Gia the Jaguar (Jessica Chastain) and Stefano the Sea Lion (Martin Short). But to buy their ticket to America, they need to turn this uncoordinated circus into a gala event.

First things first, I haven’t watched the previous two parts of Madagascar so I believe my opinion is going to be totally unbiased irrespective of how bad/good the previous films were. The first thing that caught my eye in Madagascar 3: Europe’s most wanted! was the grand animations and the colourful approach that had opted for in the making. It’s vibrant and full of life which was the perhaps the reason the little kids went back home grinning from ear to ear.

Some of the dialogues were funny but there were many that were added just to fill some “awkward silences”. The frequency at which they were popping up just seemed to be getting on my nerves. The filmmakers stuck to the tried and tested jokes formula but perceiving from the response that they received from the public, I think they will be able to hit the sack without looking back.

One thing that I will award them is the fact they never tried to stop the flow or slow the temp down. They were hell bent on continuing at the same pace which, astonishingly, works for these movies.

We at OP award it a 2.5 on 5. If you have kids, better take them as it will be fun filled ride for them.

Gaurav Prasad
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Madagascar 3: Europe's most wanted!

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