Movie Review: Men In Black 3!

Rating: 3.5/5

Reviving old franchises seems to be the order of the day for producers to get the cash registers ringing. The last Men in Black (MIB) movie was released way back in 2002 and after a gap of ten years, the production house came up with the third installment “The Men in Black 3”. They decided to retain their star cast comprising of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones while adding Josh Brolin as the younger version of Agent K a.k.a Lee Jones while¬†Jemaine Clement portrays Boris “The Animal”.

A lot of time has passed in the MIB world and Agent J (Will Smith) has been doing a pretty good job rounding up all the aliens who step out of their line. One thing that continuously bothers him is about his partner K’s nonchalant attitude towards life. He is eager to find out but K refuses to pay any heed to him. Meanwhile Boris “The Animal” escapes out of Lunar Max, a prison built on moon ( these sort of innovations do liven up the audience!) and wants to go back in time and kill K for shooting his arm off 40 years ago. Boris succeeds in the first part of his plan by using a time travel to get in the past where he reunites with his former self. J soon follows him to save his partner’s life.

Despite the loopholes in the story, I would say that it was a rather amusing and an entertaining movie. I say loopholes because I have never been able to comprehend the concept of time travel. Thousands of questions pop in my head after watching numerous time travel movies but by now I have learnt how to avoid them. Coming to the good part, Will Smith was amazing. His comic timing remains impeccable and because of his versatility, he finds a spot in the one of the finest actors of the modern world. And to top it all, he doesn’t seem to have aged a day! On the other hand, age does seemed to have worked it’s magic on Lee Jones. He looked old and tired for some reason or maybe that’s just what his character required. What was amazing was that they managed to find someone whom Jones would have resembled minus 40 years from now. Josh Brolin was the craftsman here. It must have taken a lot of burning-the-midnight-oil sessions to emulate Lee Jones they way he spoke or walked as Agent K.

The first act drags itself a tad but Brolin and Smith bring the movie alive with some intense action sequences and with some serious alien whooping! Also, a preliminary warning if you are going to the theatre with kids. It has some repugnant scenes in it as Boris “The Animal” has a very unusual companion.

All in all, we at OP give it a 3.5 on 5!

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