Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Probably the most awaited flick of this year, The Dark Knight Rises surely gives the trilogy an epic and satisfying conclusion. The three hour action packed movie offers some spectacular twists in the plot and gives the crowd more than enough reasons to cheer for.

We just couldn’t resist the temptation of witnessing the Legend End so we bunked college to watch this movie on the very first day and were as excited as we could ever be. Considering the success of the series so far and having full faith in the genius of director Christopher Nolan, our expectations were ever so high because for almost all of us Nolan was the reason we fell in love with the Caped Crusader in the first place. The movie is gripping and not even for a second do you want to take your eyes of it (unlike The Amazing Spider Man in which the action became secondary and the movie ended up being a lame Romantic-Comedy rather than a Superhero-Action flick). Nolan’s extraordinaire is able to bring the best out of everyone and even though the the Dark Knight himself is missing for a huge chunk from the movie, his absence isn’t felt even for a second. The movie gives equal or rather more importance to the villain, Bane, and emphasises on his story a lot which makes this movie even more amazing. Now that we have appreciated quite possibly the best director of Hollywood, lets talk a bit about the plot.

Eight years have passed since the death of “The Savior” Harvey Dent, the celebrated hero of Gotham City whose dedication and conviction caught all the criminals of the city under the Dent Act and abolished organized crime, is being remembered and saluted in the city. Commissioner Gordon, however, knows the truth and silently remembers the unsung hero, Batman, who for others is nothing less than a masked vigilante who murdered Dent and escaped the city. Bruce Wayne (who has given up on the idea of Batman) is however in the city and, unlike his character, is living a discreet life hiding in his mansion. Without any fear of crime, the Gotham Police Department is having a rather easy time in the city dealing with street thugs and petty thieves for a change but, are unaware of the storm that follows this awkward silence. Bane, an able bodied criminal mastermind, who took his training under Ra’s Al Gul in the League of Shadows (the very same where Wayne got his training from in Batman Begins), is planning to greet Gotham with a blast.

As Bruce Wayne wasn’t involved with the activities at Wayne Enterprises for the past few years, the profits of the company had reached the grounds. A few members of the Board of Directors plan to take over Wayne’s fortune. Roland Daggett, a member of the board hires Selina Kyle (Catwoman) to bring the fingerprints of Wayne in exchange for a clean slate that will erase all her criminal records. Being successful in this task, Daggett also hires Bane to stomp the stock market so as to receive the maximum shares of Wayne Enterprises, thereby making him in-charge. Bruce Wayne understands the situation and asks the millionaire Miranada Tate to take over his company (as he trusts her more) and also take care of a nuclear reactor that the company had developed so that it can be used when the time is right to provide clean and sustainable energy to the entire city of Gotham. The reactor based on the research of Russian nuclear physicist, Dr. Pavel is no secret to Bane. He knows its potential and had kidnapped  Dr. Pavel to convert the reactor into a neutron bomb that will steadily deteriorate and will bring Gotham down to ashes…..But off-course you should check for the details of the plot in a theater near you. It has a lot of spectacular twists that will keep you gripped and glued to your seat till the credits roll out.

With the well thought out script, intense dialogues, breathtaking background tracks (Hans Zimmer, you rock), amazing cast (and a more than convincing villian that does so well that you don’t feel the absence of Heath Ledger, who played the Joker in The Dark Knight, is a feat in itself) and intelligent direction, this movie gives a perfect end to a perfect trilogy. Kudos to Nolan, you sir are Legendary!

You shouldn’t dare to miss this if you too are a true fan of the Caped Crusader. Go on and enjoy the three hours of sheer awesomeness with your family or friends….heck just go alone if none of them are free, you will not regret it.

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