Never ask a woman her age!

The above written words are a fact. Never ever ask a woman her age! The reason I say this is because even if you do and if she does answer to the question it will most probably be WRONG.
The real reason why the above line is said is that for the fact that if you do, she will lie and it will be a false start to a relationship irrespective of the fact which kind of relationship you are talking of!
Recently, I was on one of these social networking website and all I found on EVERY single woman’s (here single is not intended to be a pun in anyway!) profile description was a line which said, “twenty something/too young”
I don’t have a problem with women not disclosing their age but one day I believe I will see “ten something” rather than “teen” on my screen and that will create doubts in my mind. The most irritating thing about these “somethings” is that you have a range in front of you and you are free to decide how old the person is, “twenty something” i.e. the girl is trying to convey, “I might be 21 years 0 days 0 hours old or I may be 29 years 365 23hours old and by the time you will be able to decide my age, my profile might say ‘thirty something!'”
Here is a real life example for you which I don’t actually remember where I heard it or might be I myself faced it! Here it goes. I was talking to a friend of my friend an we were debating on something. I was so into the convo that I was compelled to ask her, “What’s your age?” The reply I received still remains to me the most funnies answer ever. She was all of a sudden started, surprised and perplexed and came the reply, “What….what sort of a question is that?”
“UM THAT’S THE SIMPLEST QUESTION EVER RIGHT AFTER ‘WHAT’S YOUR NAME’!” But never mind, I can’t expect a reply to that answer from you! It requires an IQ level which you can’t match as I believe you are too bad at maths and you just can’t count the number of years you have been on this earth! 😛
Sorry to say that but it’s a fact nonetheless!  😛 😉
PS Never ask a woman a question but if you want to shut a woman’s mouth or if you want a woman to lie, just say the above 5 stated golden words to shut a woman’s mouth.!
Until next time, it’s bye bye, enjoy, have fun, Stay safe and happy new year! :)

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