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With an overdose of watching bad films over the last few weeks I often found recluse in revisiting the past and found out that I was enjoying the classics of 90’s and the 80’s. Be it Hindi or English, I was left amazed at some places which were relegated by me then. I even watched the “The Amazing Spider-Man” trilogy to get myself in the groove. Unfortunately, there was nothing amazing about this Spider-Man.

The after effect of “The Avengers” is still fresh in my mind and post that I was willing to watch any super hero movie. Sadly, this period will have to end now. After all the hype that surrounded the resurgence of the new ‘Spider-Man’, it turned out to be another dud for me.

I am pretty sure everyone of you would be having a fair idea of the plot so I am just going to give a rough outline of it. Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is left in the care of his aunt and uncle by his parents who inform him that they have something to take care of. As he grows up, he is eager to find out more about his father and his research. This leads him to the doorsteps of Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) who had befriended his father during his prime. And as everyone knows, he gets bit by a spider and attains super human reflexes with the spider sense and falls in love with his classmate Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) who is the daughter of the commissioner of police and also the chief intern at oscorp where Connors works. As anyone would predict, Connor’s research went wayward and he eventually transformed into a lizard. That’s just about the story in a nutshell.



The intense promos, were always focused on the “untold story of  The Amazing Spider-Man”.  After watching the movie, I can assure you that it would remain “untold”! There was nothing in the film that would make your jaws drop and wonder in amaze at what you have just witnessed. It moves at a pathetically slow speed which would force you to check your watch from time to time. If you have seen the trailer, then that’s pretty much all the action that was there in the entire film.

Then there was this huge dilemma about who was the good guy and who was the bad guy. The Commissioner of Police issues an arrest warrant against Spider-Man but ends up being his partner against the Lizard. Connors starts out as the good guy, turns bad for a while and then out of no where save Spider-Man’s life in the climax.

With a new star cast, director, producers, comparisons are inevitable. So lets start.

Andrew Garfield failed to appease me as Spider Man. With all that stammering and stuttering and shacking of the neck, it ended up being so irritating. Tobey Maguire was much better at being the underdog or the “guy-to-be-bullied” sort of person and he proved that Peter Parker was having a tough time finding his way. There were no indications of any such thing in Garfield.

Coming to the ladies, the only thing I liked about Kirtsen Dunst was the way she would shriek her throat out at the the sight of the slightest danger. But I have always been a fan of Emma Stone since watching ‘Easy A’. I might seem a little biased but sometimes that’s just the way things have to be.

There was one more thing that left me dumbstruck. For all Bollywood fans, they would get a glimpse of Irfan Khan who has proved that he can is versatile. There was a scene where Spider-Man rescues Ranjit (Irfan Khan) and ties his vehicle by the end of a bridge. After that we never get to see him again. No one knows whether he is dead or alive or still in his car hanging by the web!

We at OP give “The Amazing Spider-Man” 2 stars solely for the editing and the graphics.

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