Riptide GP : App Review

Platform : Android

Cost: $2.99

Rating: 5/5


Riptide GP has to be one of the best racing games that we have ever come across on the Android Platform and we aren’t even being paid for saying so! Featuring a sumptuous set of 3D graphics, some sizzling gameplay and a hefty selection of courses to test your reflexes on, your smartphone deserves this app!

In Riptide GP, the very first thing you’ll notice about Riptide GP is the graphics. They are completely and utterly uncompromising in fluidity, detail and beauty. Colours are clear, vibrant and sharp, bursting from the screen with every turn, jump and stunt. There is this amazing splash effect that you see on your screen as soon as your jet ski hits a wave and the water then drags out of the view as it realistically does from the windscreen of a car while in motion and it’s raining. This one effect is truly amazing. Another great graphic that you get to see in Riptide GP is that of motion blur. Now this effect comes up on screen as soon as you hit the boost that you have earned by pulling off some stunts. The boost will be pretty helpful in either extending your lead or catching up an opponent but the motion blur effect that you see while the boost is on makes everything feel all the more realistic.

There are three different game modes to choose from – Race, Hotlap and Championship.

  • Race is a one-off face-off against five AI competitors, great for practicing.
  • Hotlap lets you measure the speed of your laps, which is ideal if you want to improve your lap times and get to know the track intimately.
  • Championship is a series of races on different tracks, in which you gain points based on your position at the end of each race.
Once you are done choosing the game mode that you want to play, there are three different difficulty modes to choose from and simply enough they are easy, normal and hard.
  • In the easy mode you are given a still-nippy 250cc jet ski to ride
  • The Normal mode gives you 500cc jet ski which is a little tough to handle
  • The Hard mode ramps your jet ski up to 1000cc and handling and the competition too becomes all the more tough.
Personally, we found the easy mode pretty easy and we ended up finishing in the top three in all the races in the very first go. As for the normal and hard mode, the competition does tends to get a little tough and hence makes the game all the more interesting.
As for the jet ski that you can drive, there are six different options to choose from. Three of which are unlocked since the very beginning while the rest are unlocked by clearing levels i.e. by finishing in the top three of various races. The jet skies can be differentiated as per their top speed, acceleration and handling.

All in all, Riptide GP has amazing detailing of the water to the racer to the effects that have been added on board. Everything adds up to give amazingly real graphics and also one of the most amazing Racing games that we have ever come across on Android. Jet Ski racing too brings about a new feel to racing and hence makes Riptide GP a must have. Even though the application comes at a price tag of $2.99 but if you are someone who loves racing games, this is definitely your go to game! There is nothing that we didn’t like about the game and we can’t put it any simpler! We give Riptide GP a 5/5 from us at Observer’s Paradise.

Riptide GP can be bought for the Google Play Store here.

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Riptide GP
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