Short Film of the Week: Strangers

So we are back with yet another interesting Short Film for you all.

Our this week’s pick which becomes our short film of the week is named ‘Strangers’.

This film has been produced by Fox Searchlab.

Strangers is a seven, seven and a half minute long short film. The short film is about two strangers who are sitting across each other on a rather secluded train at an odd hour of the day and there is a sense of awkwardness between the two which has been portrayed because of the different backgrounds i.e. different religions of the two strangers. Soon, they are met with a few more strangers, more so like a gang. The heavily built people of the gang scare bot these strangers and they don’t have a clue of they have to do next. What happens next? Check the video to watch out.

Here is the video:

So how did you like our short film of the week? Do share your thoughts on the same. Until next time, it’s a bye bye from us at Observer’s Paradise.

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