Snipping Tool : Windows 7 default screenshot tool!

A post on Windows 7 when Windows has already developed a newer version of the Windows – Windows 8? Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel even when I am writing this but this one is more about a tool, the hidden treasure that Windows 7 has. For those of you who are aware of this tool, will consider this post to be old and not worth even taking a look at but as per our research out of the millions that use Windows 7 Operating System, quite a few thousands if not millions are still unaware of this tool that comes as a default tool bundled in Windows 7.

We are talking of the Snipping Tool. Even though the wiki page of Snipping Tool says that the tool was also available on Windows Vista and is a part of Windows Essential Service Pack for Windows XP, we only came to terms with the tool while using Windows 7. One major reason being we hated Windows Vista and didn’t use it much really.

Anyhow, coming to the Snipping Tool, you can access the Snipping Tool by going to the start menu or the circle with windows symbol in it that you see on your desktop (considering the noobs) and type in the search bar ‘Snipping Tool’. A program with the same name would appear. Click on it to open the program. A new program window will pop up which will let you select parts of the visible screen of which you want to take the screenshot! It’s that simple!

The image or the screen shot which the program calls as ‘snip’ can then be saved or e-mailed directly!

So if you have ever wondered about how to take a screen shot in Windows 7, other than using paint of course, Snipping Tool is your one stop solution.

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