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Movie Review: Men In Black 3!

Men-in-Black-3 Rating: 3.5/5 Reviving old franchises seems to be the order of the day for producers to get the cash registers ringing. The last Men in Black (MIB) movie was released way back in 2002 and after a gap of ten years, the production house came up with the third installment “The Men in Black 3”. […] Continue reading →

Movie Review:The Avengers!

av The most awaited film of the summer hit the screens this friday and though my excitation had reached fever pitch,I was a little apprehensive.Big movies with electrifying star cast have turned out to be complete duds before. Much to my immense delight,that was not the case with The Avengers! Joss Whedon has done an terrific […] Continue reading →

[UPDATED] Top 10 Songs – Hindi (April)

Top 10 With the Artist of the Week section under the Music Category making a positive impression on all our Music Fans here on Observer’s Paradise, From today onwards, We are launching two new sections under our Music category, which are Top 10 Songs (Hindi) and (English) respectively which will be updated monthly. The Initial list is […] Continue reading →