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App Review – Backbreaker

fb80ca84ca4671d360b2a7c7c780be82 Hi All Platform: iPod, iPhone, iPad Price: 59p Today i am reviewing a personal favorite app, one that had me playing on it for hours. It has been out for a while but i never got around to posting it. The name does not give much away about the game but it in a way […] Continue reading →

Google’s new app: Google Currents Reviewed

Google Currents So a day after Apple announce that the flipboard will be available for iPhone, Google releases an application which goes by the name “Google Currents”. This is one app whose functionality is, to put it pretty plainly, a direct substitute to the Apple’s flipboard. Available in the US on iPhones, iPads and Android devices, the […] Continue reading →

Galaxy Nexus and Ice cream sandwich keynotes

Galaxy Nexus Ready for the show! 7:30AM IST 7:30AM Video feed is live, we are all set for the launch. 7:35AM Okay, Galaxy Nexus is official. First Ice-cream sandwich phone. Dual-core processor with unmatched performance, unique and original design. to include LTE, a HD Super AMOLED screen.   7:37Am Ice-cream Sandwich is named Android 4.0   7:40AM Teardrop shape, […] Continue reading →

Lets Talk iPhone!!!!!!!(Live) – Ended

It is the most awaited presentation of the world, everyone is glued on, so are we, here is the minute by minute update of everything you need to know from the Apple Keynote.   Now that the event is over do remember to get back to us next time. Also, do check out the various […] Continue reading →

Mix It Up !!

Coca Cola Mixer Coca-Cola Freestyle® , the brand name for a new Coca-Cola fountain dispenser that uses microdosing technology to dispense more than 100 sparkling and still beverage brands from a single freestanding unit has rolled out a Facebook app that lets you make a drink of your own by mixing your own Coke drink. The idea is not limited to […] Continue reading →