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Temple Run 2 released for iOS

temple run 2 Temple Run is one of the most famous and the most downloaded game on the Apple App Store. The game is so popular that I have heard people selling iOS devices saying that it will be able to run Temple Run! (This was before Temple Run was released for Android devices which was quite a […] Continue reading →

Ubuntu Mobile OS revealed!

Ubuntu mobile OS The year 2012 came across as one of the most stagnated year in terms of mobile technology. Even though with the release of Google Nexus 7 and Google Nexus 10, Google entered the tablet market, Android 4.1 and 4.2 were released as Jelly Bean, project butter creating a good amount of excitement  but other than […] Continue reading →

Windows 8 Launched!

Steven Sinofsky speaks at the launch of Windows 8 operating system in New York Microsoft on Thursday launched it’s latest Operating System in the form of Windows 8. Even though there have been a number of versions of the new Windows already released by Microsoft in form of Developer Releases and Consumer Previews, the Windows 8 Operating System is finally going to be available for purchase with all the […] Continue reading →

iPad mini vs Google Nexus 7

ipad-mini-vs-nexus-7 So finally the much awaited iPad mini was finally revealed by Apple yesterday on 23rd of October and the first obvious question that everyone had was how does it fair when compared to Google’s Nexus 7. Even though Apple made it pretty clear at Apple’s event that the obvious competition that iPad mini has is […] Continue reading →

The true cost of iPhone 5!

iphone5_2338246b Last month came Apple’s next big innovation and the fact is it had nothing new to offer other than being ‘bigger’ than the previous version of the iPhone. Sure Apple Fan boys you can go ahead and hate us for stating the truth but the fact will continue to remain a fact and iPhone 5 […] Continue reading →

Why should you avoid the iphone 5?

iphone A couple of weeks ago the Cupertino giant, Apple announced its latest version of the immensely popular and not to so critically acclaimed iphone, the iphone 5. The iphone 5 is already selling towards huge success but that’s majorly due to the brand that Apple has become over the years and not because the quality […] Continue reading →

The Evolution of Mobile Applications

apps The Evolution of Mobile Applications A couple of days ago we gave you an infographic that contained the details of the number of applications that have been hacked and extracted from both Android and iOS app stores and are available for free download online. The perfect score of 100% applications being hacked into on Android […] Continue reading →

App Review : CoachNote

coachnote App Review : CoachNote Platform: iOS Cost: $1.99 Review: Are you someone who is into sports and loves to strategize the game you play? Well, this application is certainly a jackpot for you! CoachNote is all about creating strategies for a number of sports out there and the number of sports that have been listed […] Continue reading →