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Book Review: Hilawi by Ritu Lalit

hilawi ritu lalit “So was Hilawi, a hiladi- novel?”-the boy next door, in his worn out casual-challenged. Yup! I was into another long discussion and reading session with the local mates-(8 to 80- all inclusive) – and some said- fictional myths died with our Thakur Ma’r Jhuli and several other creations of the Tagore family- some drew a […] Continue reading →

Book Review: The Newsroom Mafia!

newsroommafia It’s pretty rare to come across a crime thriller as good as this one. Written by a former journalist, Oscar Periera, it gives a first hand account of relationship between the mafia, the police and the politicians.  Supercop Donald Fernandez throws an all out war against the Don, Narayan Swamy. He is intent on bringing […] Continue reading →

She’s A Jolly Good Fellow : Book Review

9NXG_SAJITA_NAIR_JP_177743e Book Title: She’s A Jolly Good Fellow Author: Sajitha Nair Blurb:  Second Lieutenants Deepa Shekhar and Anjali Sharma have an important task at hand: convince their male counterparts that they too are assets to the Indian Army – rather than merely those with assets. When the 22-year-olds are transferred to a remote army unit, several […] Continue reading →

Book Review:The Secret of the Nagas by Amish!

The_Secret_of_the_Nagas It’s really a daunting task to follow a hugely successful book with a one that ,somehow, is even better than it’s predecessor!It was the one I was itching to get my hands on after finishing the Immortals of Meluha. The story begins from where the first one finished.Lord Shiva is on a mission to find […] Continue reading →

Book Review:The Immortals of Meluha by Amish!

220px-The_Immortals_Of_Meluha Without a shadow of a doubt in my mind,this is by far the best novel written by an Indian author so far! I had heard about this book after it’s release and knew that it had created quite a stir among everyone. The book is about the life of Lord Shiva.For all those who are […] Continue reading →

Book Review: LOSER by Dipen Ambalia

LOSER Let’s begin the post by providing you with the blurb of the book. About the book: What’s common between outsourcing and Christopher Columbus’s discovery of America? How are arranged marriages related to the Software Development Life Cycle? For you to command better appraisals, what should’ve your parents named you? Why does your Project Manager always […] Continue reading →

Book Review: The Quest for nothing!

an The Quest for nothing is written by Anurag Anand and this is the author’s fourth book followed by books that also dealt with a fusion of self help and fiction. In a bite,the story revolves around the life of Akash, starting from the point when he has just finished his MBA. He gets a job […] Continue reading →

Johnny Gone Down By Karan Bajaj : Book Review

jonneygonedown About the Book: Nikhil Arya has fallen. Once, he was an Ivy League scholar with a promising future at NASA; now, at forty, he is broke, homeless, and minutes away from blowing his brains out in a diabolical modern-day joust. It wasnt meant to be this way. An innocent vacation turned into an epic intercontinental […] Continue reading →