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Short Film of the Week: Strangers

strangers So we are back with yet another interesting Short Film for you all. Our this week’s pick which becomes our short film of the week is named ‘Strangers’. This film has been produced by Fox Searchlab. Strangers is a seven, seven and a half minute long short film. The short film is about two strangers […] Continue reading β†’

The Way you stare!

 The title of the topic might not justify the content of it but still I believe that this one will at least make you laugh! I can not authenticate this for people of any other country but when it comes to Indians, I am pretty sure this is done. Indians posses this special something, I […] Continue reading β†’

Girlfriends, wife…..Women and love!

 Today’s post is well going to be true and I don’t really care if you don’t like it for I know if you don’t, you got to be a woman! πŸ˜› Today I am going to talk about Girlfriends, wives, women on a broader level! Now we all have heard the story of God, men […] Continue reading β†’

Wrong or Bad. The perspective!

 Today, a strange thing happened about which I will be telling you at the end of the post but that same thing made me think the difference between wrong and bad! To me it’s all about the perspective. It’s all about how a person perceives a thing. For someone a thing might be wrong or […] Continue reading β†’

452 languages, same words, different meanings!

indic_languages_final2 The number of individual languages listed for India is 452. Of those, 438 are living languages and 14 have no known speakers.! Β  This post is most definitely not for the people who speak any of those 14 languages! πŸ˜› Β  Β  Β  As per the topic of the post, we are supposed to talk […] Continue reading β†’

We demand rather than doing!

us-want-you-this-that Today’s generation aka ‘The Gen X’ has had such a life since the beginning that they are in a habit of demanding rather than doing anything. In a country like India where population is well much more than the one stated inΒ  The Great Indian Wedding today’s generation is pampered by the whole family. The […] Continue reading β†’

What’s your ‘Relationship Status’?

facebook-relationship-status Okay now I know few people are going to hate me for this post but as always I won’t be shy of posting this because Mark Zuckerberg is one of those few who will hate me for this but well I can’t expect him to read my blog. Not for now at least. (showing my […] Continue reading β†’

Confessions of a ‘soon to be’ alcoholic!

 Today’s post might be a bit depressing. You might not find anything that amuses you or maybe you will be bored while reading this but the fact that this is my blog, I will still write my heart out. As the title box suggests today it’s all about alcohol. Now, since the day I have […] Continue reading β†’