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All about the SlutWalk!

 Now that Slut walk is coming to Delhi and most Indians are unaware of what it is all about so here we are to explain it to you! So what exactly is the Slut Walk? Slut walk is a protest march that originated or rather first took place in Toronto, Canada for the first time […] Continue reading →

Formula One : Grand Prix Du Canada

Canadian grand prix Hola Folks! The Formula One racing teams are gearing up for Montreal for the Canada Grand Prix scheduled on Sunday 12 June. Out of the 6 World champions racing this season ‘its Sebastian Vettel who has proven his Metal.’ Vettel leads the pack with 143 Points winning 5 out of 6 grand prix this season. […] Continue reading →

452 languages, same words, different meanings!

indic_languages_final2 The number of individual languages listed for India is 452. Of those, 438 are living languages and 14 have no known speakers.!   This post is most definitely not for the people who speak any of those 14 languages! 😛       As per the topic of the post, we are supposed to talk […] Continue reading →