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Wipeout for Android : App Review

wipeout Wipeout is a Popular American Game TV show where the participants bounce off huge balls (no puns intended), try to avoid a number of interesting obstacles to cross the finish line. The one to do so in the least amount of time wins. Watching people getting hit by boxing gloves, falling in water, getting stuck […] Continue reading →

Rage Wars – App Review

rage wars Platform: Android Cost: Free Review: Rage Wars – Meme Shooter is one of the most innovative games that we have come across of late and given that rage wars actually has rage characters as the main characters, makes this game all the more fun. I mean sure the graphics aren’t the best, the rage figures haven’t been […] Continue reading →

Sprinkle : App review

sprinkle Platform: Android Cost: 2.99$ Review: Sprinkle is yet another high definition game that is available for the android platform and has a lot to offer. The purpose of the game is to operate a water sprinkling machine with the objective of sprinkling the water on the areas that have caught fire. There are predefined locations […] Continue reading →

Osmos HD : App Review

osmos hd Name: Osmos HD Platform: Android Cost: 2.99$ Review: So we are back with yet another app review and yet another application that is based on laws of Physics. Today, we are reviewing Osmos HD. Osmos HD is a simplistic game as far as the concept is concerned but the implementation of the game is something […] Continue reading →

Pocket Soccer : App Review

pocket-soccer Game: Pocket Soccer Platform: Android Cost: Free [xrr rating=4/5] A couple of days ago we spoke about Kung Fu Soccer which is direct inspiration from Pocket Soccer hence we found it necessary to give you the review of the inspiration of an already reviewed game. So here we are today to talk about arguably the […] Continue reading →