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Guest Post: And yet… By Samridhi Singh

guest post Even the stars wonder whether to twinkle or not, The moon plays hide and seek with the clouds. That sole bird lost in the night tries unsuccessfully to hide. There is nothing to lessen the blackness of this night, nothing to bring any shard of light. But the sky seems to resonate- with things unsaid, […] Continue reading →

Interstices…by Ishita Jain

interstecies Sometimes it didn’t lie in knowing what hue was mixed. Sometimes it didn’t lie in knowing the name of the bloom the dew kissed. Sometimes it didn’t matter what teased upon a fair bosom. Sometimes it didn’t matter what played with the soft, cerise blush. Sometimes it was pointless to think of what was for […] Continue reading →

Guest Post: From the scarlet streets… By Ishita Jain

guest post An eyelash we batThe world will squat.We need no jewelfor we have passed,a test most cruel !Nothing we need to sayAlready everything,is on its way.A demure,wry smileon quiet lipsA secret we hold,on the blood-red finger tips.Slender legs,a dainty waistyet,we have swallowedSo much not to taste !They do not knowOf passion unleashedThe legacy of a geishais […] Continue reading →

Guest Post: I merge in the Ocean By Samridhi

264351_10150254471284312_685404311_7268071_311506_n Once distant, a single and lonely drop… i merge in the ocean time and again being told about the inconsequentiality of a single drop… so to attain greatness, to become useful i merge in the ocean but is importance above your existence, is a faith in ‘me’ so ruining, is shining in the world so […] Continue reading →

Guest Post: Beyond the horizon By Samridhi

Guest-Post- So many times i have heard people say: there is a vast world beyond the horizon.It does no good to stand where you are and restrict yourself.Go out, go ahead and you will realise the multiplicity of places you can reach.Change is the only constant thing in life.To evolve, to move ahead is the essence […] Continue reading →