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Goodbye friend

good bye friend Goodbye friend It’s been quite some while, Trying to bury this feeling, Under the happiness of life. It’s time to bow down, To destiny again, With the hope that the closure, Will take away the pain. Before I bid you my final adieu, Here’s a little something for you. I know I was wrong, I […] Continue reading →

Is Technology Your Date On This Valentines?

tech love There is a cliched saying that everyone needs that someone very special in their lives to make them feel alive and kicking. Yes, it may be true to an extent but as we move into a time where lot more people are independent and living a life that brings them happiness rather than one where […] Continue reading →


I__ll_miss_you_by_groundhog1988 Finality I used to wonder, When this day would come, I used to dread it rather, But now that it has, I am already comfortably numb. We have reached our finality, So here I am, Letting go of you, In the best or the worst way I can. I don’t remember, The first time we […] Continue reading →

I will miss you!

aeccc402-c227-44eb-b711-d8e0427d9996   Saying goodbye Was the hardest thing to do I never thought I would Especially not to you. I brought this upon us, I am the reason behind all this fuss. I am the reason for us to drift away, At the end of it all it’s me who will have to pay. Strangely enough, […] Continue reading →

Friendship – a journey!

Broken_Friendship_by_Skylamb I don’t know how, I don’t know when, You went on to become, Such a wonderful friend. It seems like till yesterday, You were just another face in the crowd, Someone I didn’t really care about. And then there is today, A long long way away from yesterday, Where caring for you comes from within, […] Continue reading →

The Dream

04f2b1e2c1e811e1b2fe1231380205bf_7 The Dream   Almost every girl, more or less, shares the same dream. The dream to find the man of her dreams. As we evolve from kids to teenagers, the dream starts, and as we further evolve from teenagers to women, it takes form. There are qualities we want in the dream man, specific to […] Continue reading →

USA thrashes Spain

world champions Some players flashed their Olympic medals to the crowd. One pretended to take a bite, just to make sure it was real. Yep, it was gold the colour the Americans always used to win. It was 2008 Beijing final rematch between USA and Spain and even the result was same. This rematch also proved nearly […] Continue reading →