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FRIENDSHIP mean …………????

 The thing which i feared was in front of me, I was alone and no one sounds sweet. You came and sounded so sweet Thing was that now you are my necessity I was all alone and everything seemed dark I don’t know Where and How I lost that spark “Amitians” confined it to LOVE […] Continue reading →

Guest Post: I merge in the Ocean By Samridhi

264351_10150254471284312_685404311_7268071_311506_n Once distant, a single and lonely drop… i merge in the ocean time and again being told about the inconsequentiality of a single drop… so to attain greatness, to become useful i merge in the ocean but is importance above your existence, is a faith in ‘me’ so ruining, is shining in the world so […] Continue reading →

Guest Post: The Labyrinth

Guest-Post- Maybe it was an intoxication, that flowed within my veins It has purified me,a cleansing poison! Maybe it was a fire, my embers a gold of red Annihilated me,and charred all nil ! Maybe it was lifeblood,so ever dissipated That heart-wrung tears,are now an ink to doom ! Maybe it was a history,buried alive Ghosts […] Continue reading →

Guest Post: Beyond the horizon By Samridhi

Guest-Post- So many times i have heard people say: there is a vast world beyond the horizon.It does no good to stand where you are and restrict yourself.Go out, go ahead and you will realise the multiplicity of places you can reach.Change is the only constant thing in life.To evolve, to move ahead is the essence […] Continue reading →

A walk to remember

Romantic walk It was ten minutes to midnight, Everything was so still, so quiet. Walking hand in hand , Towards a destination unknown, Everything special about the moment, Especially of not being alone. We kept talking of the things of the east and the west, And then the gaze which made me forget the rest. Continue reading →