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Reaching Out to Help Someone in Despair We talk we share, and there isn’t a limit layer. It can be about the east or the west everything said and heard with full zest. There are moments when you are down and out, ready to hide yourself in a hole you dug out and that’s the moment when you need the dose which […] Continue reading →

Teens, Facebook, Twitter and Social Life!

facebook-teenagers Internet, social media and websites like Facebook and Twitter governs almost every teen’s life at the moment. Even though the rise of social media and these social networking websites is considered to be a boost for the teens and is considered to help them get better interaction with their friends, finding lost friends, development in […] Continue reading →

Reflection by Angarika Datta

past-present-future Standing at the crossroads of life, I pause to think for a moment. I think of the past, the present and the future And ponder who to choose.   I consider my Past, that long lost beloved, With him I spent my childhood and teenage, The 19 years of my life. Alas! It’s long gone, […] Continue reading →

The Game Called Life

past-present-future The Game Called Life It has its ups, It has its downs, It has its moment of joy, And then the moments when you are a walking clown. Life is a game at which we play. We make our moves on every day. Some are right and some are wrong. We usually look back as […] Continue reading →

The Last Good Bye

190247142_640 The Last Good Bye I still remember the first time I saw you, I still remember the first time I noticed you, And it amazes me how ever since, The time has flew. I still remember the expression, The expression that drew me towards you. The eyes that spoke a thousand words, The lips that […] Continue reading →

Can you Skip class today?

OP Infographics How many times have you had that moment in the morning when you weighed your options that should you or shouldn’t you attend the class? Well, we wouldn’t be wrong in saying ‘five times a week’ or in simpler words, every day you have to attend a class! So, while we were on our content […] Continue reading →

Timeline of Web Browsers (Infographic)

browser Now this has to be one of the oldest and the most interesting story as far as technology is concerned. We presume that you are pretty much aware about the genesis of Internet Explorer i.e. the Netscape Navigator and Microsoft thing. Other than that, every now and then everyone comes across and often falls in […] Continue reading →