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App Review-Keep Calm and Carry On

keep calm Platform-iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android Price -0.69p Hi all! Today i am posting about a recent app which most of you will not be familiar with. This app, in a way, is a bit pointless but it is not a gme but an entertainment app. It is one of those apps used for fun. One of […] Continue reading →

Expectations from Life

expectation[1] Its been a while since we at OP spoke about life, so here we are to fulfill the expectations of few of our loyal readers. In the past we gave you or rather tried to give you a lot of ‘gyaan’ on a lot of things, some of you agreed with us and the rest didn’t […] Continue reading →

Infographic: What Apple Have Done Over the Years

189892-01_apple_innovation_slide[1] Hi All. This is again to continue with all the other Infographics which have been coming your way. This one is all about what apple have achieved over the years and what impact they have had on the world as well as about how they have changed it. It is not the most colourful photo […] Continue reading →

It’s all about the Perception- Part 2

It’s all about the Perception- Part 2 The first part of this post was related to Rebecca Black’s song Friday and the other version of the same song which was nothing less than awesome. (Death Metal Friday) Here we are again to talk about perception and things that we think right before we hear something. All of us form a sort of […] Continue reading →

And Finally I am 12.5% Engineer……

 Well this post is somewhat personal kind of stuff. It’s about my experiences in the first year of engineering. I still remember the very first time I told myself that YES!!! I am going to be an engineer and since then it was my passion to do engineering in some esteemed college like IIT, NIT. […] Continue reading →

The way you pronounce….’beach’!

The way you pronounce….’beach’! At first I was going to write a post about a conversation with every line having a double meaning but then I remembered watching this video. Given my poor run at blogging and my ‘bad’ writing I thought I won’t trouble you people with my writing this time and would rather recommend you people to […] Continue reading →

Girlfriends, wife…..Women and love!

 Today’s post is well going to be true and I don’t really care if you don’t like it for I know if you don’t, you got to be a woman! 😛 Today I am going to talk about Girlfriends, wives, women on a broader level! Now we all have heard the story of God, men […] Continue reading →

The Addiction of Facebook

facebook.uncle_ Hi All. Hope you are all well and enjoying the new year. This, for a change, is not an app review. This post will be entering the lifestyle section so it will be my debut there. Fingers crossed it is fine and hopefully i can be a regular lifestyle writer.  This, as the title suggests, […] Continue reading →