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It’s all about the Perception- Part 2

It’s all about the Perception- Part 2 The first part of this post was related to Rebecca Black’s song Friday and the other version of the same song which was nothing less than awesome. (Death Metal Friday) Here we are again to talk about perception and things that we think right before we hear something. All of us form a sort of […] Continue reading β†’

And Finally I am 12.5% Engineer……

 Well this post is somewhat personal kind of stuff. It’s about my experiences in the first year of engineering. I still remember the very first time I told myself that YES!!! I am going to be an engineer and since then it was my passion to do engineering in some esteemed college like IIT, NIT. […] Continue reading β†’

Girlfriends, wife…..Women and love!

 Today’s post is well going to be true and I don’t really care if you don’t like it for I know if you don’t, you got to be a woman! πŸ˜› Today I am going to talk about Girlfriends, wives, women on a broader level! Now we all have heard the story of God, men […] Continue reading β†’

The Addiction of Facebook

facebook.uncle_ Hi All. Hope you are all well and enjoying the new year. This, for a change, is not an app review. This post will be entering the lifestyle section so it will be my debut there. Fingers crossed it is fine and hopefully i can be a regular lifestyle writer. Β This, as the title suggests, […] Continue reading β†’

Wrong or Bad. The perspective!

 Today, a strange thing happened about which I will be telling you at the end of the post but that same thing made me think the difference between wrong and bad! To me it’s all about the perspective. It’s all about how a person perceives a thing. For someone a thing might be wrong or […] Continue reading β†’

Guest post: Its all about love! (Not really)

it's all about love Well, this post is may seem like an extremely discouraging read for those who are out there to find love. My friends, a big lesson to be learnt in life is: when you really want to find love, you’ve got to stop looking for it! I am not being a slightly optimistic but majorly pessimistic […] Continue reading β†’

App Review: Sushi-Go-Round

sushi-go-round   [box_light] Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod Price: 69p [/box_light]   Hello Everyone Hope you are doing well. Here is another post to add to your flood of app reviews. This one was a major hit online on the well known site miniclip and now it has hit the app store. The game is called sushi […] Continue reading β†’