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Book Review: Hilawi by Ritu Lalit

hilawi ritu lalit “So was Hilawi, a hiladi- novel?”-the boy next door, in his worn out casual-challenged. Yup! I was into another long discussion and reading session with the local mates-(8 to 80- all inclusive) – and some said- fictional myths died with our Thakur Ma’r Jhuli and several other creations of the Tagore family- some drew a […] Continue reading →

Authors steering towards Pulp Fiction and Chik-Lits

chapter 1 What do you need to write a novel? A good story, appropriate knowledge of grammar, good command over vocabulary, some sarcasm, some wisecracks, and probably a paper to scribble. This is what most of the young authors think while they get motivated to pen down a novel. It’s very common for people to think that their life has […] Continue reading →

Ship of Theseus!

poster 3 Now you may all be wondering why, we at OP have, out of the blue, have added a new entry on our page reading Ship of Theseus. Actually, it’s a film which has been chosen to be screened at the Toronto Film Festival and also, that someone close to us is a part of it. […] Continue reading →

Guest Post #6: It’s so many words…!!

 For once I guess I actually agree with what I’ve titled my note. Because what I’m talking about is ‘talking’,is ‘words’. I’m talking about the need to talk. Sounds very basic,no ? I’m fairly talkative. As a result, on some of my less-talkative days, I’m considered either ill, sad or pissed. On one hand, but just […] Continue reading →

Google Play and the end of Android Market!

google-play-logo Google recently launched it’s new market which is now being called or rather has been named by Google as Google Play. The basic thought behind introducing the new market i.e. the Google Play was evident during Mobile World Congress during which Android’s Boss Andy Rubin clearly stated that the failure of Google i.e. Android tablets in […] Continue reading →

The Lost World

jpg_SA_NotreHistoire         The Lost World I’ve lived times peaceful and insane, Times of joy as well as pain. I’ve lived the life of a free bird , I’ve lived stories never heard. I got life from someone’s death, I’ve sacrificed for someone all my wealth. I wrote what you’re reading with someone’s ink, […] Continue reading →

Let’s keep talking :)

guest-post Hi people, its been such a long time, don’t you think ? Blast exams, they made sure I didn’t talk to a lot of people, including you guys. But there was something really fascinating about what I have been doing. In my second year as a literature student, I’m reading drama, something intrinsically different from my first year […] Continue reading →

Guest Post: Book Review: Steve Jobs By Walter Isaacson!

Steve-Jobs1 Walter Isaacson, the world renowned author of biographies of famous personalities like Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein, stuns the world again with his latest venture- the biography of Steve Jobs. And moreover, Isaacson is the authorized biographer of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs had so much faith in Isaacson’s literary genius that he never interfered into […] Continue reading →