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Teens, Facebook, Twitter and Social Life!

facebook-teenagers Internet, social media and websites like Facebook and Twitter governs almost every teen’s life at the moment. Even though the rise of social media and these social networking websites is considered to be a boost for the teens and is considered to help them get better interaction with their friends, finding lost friends, development in […] Continue reading →


anthropology Anthropology? Like many of you’ll even when I heard ‘Anthropology’ for the first time when I was in my high school, I was taken aback in wondering what on earth that was? The lexeme Anthropology is derived from Greek, where anthrop means “man” and logy means “study”. Hence Anthropology is a study on human beings […] Continue reading →

RR knocked out!

a It’s all over for Dravid’s boys when after were beaten by the Deccan Chargers by five wickets at Hyderabad last night. They are now stranded at 14 points from 15 games and even if they manage to over come the odds by winning the next game against the Mumbai Indians, it won’t be sufficient for […] Continue reading →

The Four Stages of a Twitter User!

twitter_logo_11 Twitter is one of the best and one of the most widely used Social Networking Website. With a user base of millions of users, Twitter is here to stay for a long long time. Now even though a lot of people compare Facebook and Twitter, both of them are two totally different Social Networking Websites.  […] Continue reading →

Teens: 1982 vs 2012

OP Infographics How often have two generations be compared? Well, a simple answer to that would be uncountable number of times. Every now and then your parents would most definitely come up with remarks like, “In our time, we used to do this and bla bla bla is what you people do.” It’s a well known fact. […] Continue reading →

Sharing and Caring!

caring and sharing Today, let’s talk about sharing and caring and something that we always talk of- life. We will also talk a bit about credibility. Credibility can be stated as the quality of being trusted but one can not confuse it with trust! The reason I say this is because in the modern world or maybe ever […] Continue reading →