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Initial review: Xperia Z

Xperia Z It is going to be the year of snake according to the Chinese calender and the year of Full HD screens in our hands, the way we see it. The year has just begun and Sony like the case has been from the past few years is one of  the first manufacturers to bring their flagship device […] Continue reading →

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts!

twitter-keyboard-shortcuts Twitter has come a long way ever since it first came into existence. Facebook and Twitter are two social networking websites that have adapted keeping the incoming competition at bay and also keeping the users hooked to them. If you are a Twitter regular and by a Twitter regular we mean who loves to tweet […] Continue reading →

Windows 8 Launched!

Steven Sinofsky speaks at the launch of Windows 8 operating system in New York Microsoft on Thursday launched it’s latest Operating System in the form of Windows 8. Even though there have been a number of versions of the new Windows already released by Microsoft in form of Developer Releases and Consumer Previews, the Windows 8 Operating System is finally going to be available for purchase with all the […] Continue reading →

iPad mini vs Google Nexus 7

ipad-mini-vs-nexus-7 So finally the much awaited iPad mini was finally revealed by Apple yesterday on 23rd of October and the first obvious question that everyone had was how does it fair when compared to Google’s Nexus 7. Even though Apple made it pretty clear at Apple’s event that the obvious competition that iPad mini has is […] Continue reading →

The Fray – Top 10 songs

the fray In the past we have given you amazing songs from amazing bands around the globe. Today, here we are with yet another amazing band – The Fray! The Fray’s debut album titled ‘How to Save a Life’ was released in the year 2005 and it took quite some while for the band to establish and […] Continue reading →


I__ll_miss_you_by_groundhog1988 Finality I used to wonder, When this day would come, I used to dread it rather, But now that it has, I am already comfortably numb. We have reached our finality, So here I am, Letting go of you, In the best or the worst way I can. I don’t remember, The first time we […] Continue reading →

And then there were two….

AFvsTPA With a prize pool of 2 Million USD (with the winner getting a Million USD), the Season 2 League of Legends World Championships is about to witness an amazing end. With both Asian teams qualifying for the finals, everyone is rather shocked with the dominance these teams displayed during the Playoffs. Azubu Frost and Taipei […] Continue reading →

App Review : Virtua Tennis Challenge

virtua tennis challenge Name : Virtua Tennis Challenge Platform : Android, iOS Cost : 4.99$ Review:  Virtua Tennis Challenge is by far the best Lawn Tennis game that you might ever encounter for your Android or iOS device. Stick Tennis too is pretty good but then it certainly isn’t as challenging as Virtua Tennis Challenge. The game which […] Continue reading →