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Samsung Galaxy S III: Specs and details

Galaxy S III Samsung just announced the latest version of the galaxy series i.e. Samsung Galaxy S III. The device packs some amazing features and already looks to set the standard for this years smartphone. We will take no time and run you down through the specs. The Galaxy S III comes with a  4.8inch Super Amoled HD […] Continue reading →

App Review: Eden-World Builder

eden app image Price: 0.69p Platform: App store Hi all. Today i am posting another brilliant app which many people might now know about. It is a perfect app fro people who like designing and building things. An app that can keep you hooked for a very long time. In this app simply, you make things. Anything you […] Continue reading →

Worldictionary : App Review

worldictionary Platform: iOS [xrr rating=4/5] We are in the technological era when it is really important for solutions to be real time let it be searching for details of a product, language conversion from one to another or be it any other similar issue, people love to get the solution in real time for it saves […] Continue reading →

App Review: Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space Splash So it’s been a couple of days since Angry Birds Space was launched by Rovio and we have already played the game for more than a few hours. That’s pretty much usual as far as any Angry Birds game is concerned. From the first ever release which we call the Angry Birds Classic to Angry […] Continue reading →

Humans and Hypocrisy!

hypocrite-1 Okay so let’s begin this post in an entirely different way, the positive way. Let’s begin this by stating the fact of life that no human can or should disagree to. Let’s begin by saying that all humans are hypocrites! Yes, and I am not ashamed of calling myself a hypocrite and I am pretty […] Continue reading →

What’s the fucking point?

whats-the-point2 So how is everyone doing today? Today, this one is yet another ‘I’ rather than being a ‘we’ as it most of the times is out here on Observer’s Paradise. I am not sure what this is going to be about, interesting/boring/racist or anything else and frankly, I don’t care. It’s time to not give […] Continue reading →

Dhanush’s Sachin Anthem!!

dhanush-sachin-anthem-song1[1] If you were under the impression that “Kolaveri di” was going to be only time that you would witness Dhanush singing..well…think again! The son-in-law of the legendary Rajnikanth has come out with another song,  paying tribute to the Gem of India, the little master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar! Starting with the signature ‘Yo Boys, I am […] Continue reading →