Teenagers and Mobile devices!

Ever since the technological evolution came into existence with computers, mobile devices, tablets and other similar technology, the number of users have increased too. What this eventually lead to was a huge increase in the number of teenagers using mobile devices. The sports, the outdoor games almost went out of life and the only games that were left were on a computer screen played using the fingers, the mouse and sometimes controllers on certain devices. 

So today, we will talk about teenagers and mobile devices! As stated, with the technological boom, every teenager and why even a teenager, right from the beginning of life, children are used to using mobile devices and tablets. By the time they become teenagers they are already hooked, addicted to using their mobiles for most of the time. Teenagers can, without a doubt be stated as one of the biggest target markets for today’s mobile device developers for they might not be able to pay for it, their parents pretty much let them buy what they want and given the improvement in technology, with the numerous Operating Systems on mobile devices, the number of choices have also increased. 

Teenagers and mobile devices can be stated as the best of friends. So here is an infographic that talks about the growth, the increase in the number of mobile users  and the things, the amount of time teenagers spend using their mobile devices. The infographic is called Generation OMG and pretty aptly so for this generation for sure does a lot more OMG rather than remembering God!

Here is the infographic:

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