OK, this is going to be an emotionally charged post. And it’s gonna lack all the objectivity cause it’s filled up with passion. So, I honestly suggest, anyone looking for a sensible football post which I know I am entirely capable of but would not write right now, I suggest look up and click the button on your browser that says back!

To start off, yes, that’s how champions play and that’s what champions are made up of! No team in the world has the right to come back the number of times that united do and it just emphasises one point, the tremendous will to win that this team has and the mental strength that is unheard of. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall of that dressing room when united went 2-0 down at half time. The first city goal was nothing more than pre-season jitters as Rio was well beaten in the air by Lescott for city’s first goal. United hardly had come out of the shock of going behind when Dzeko scored a scorcher past the very uncertain and nervy looking united new boy David De Gea.


Something changed at half time, and united came out a different team, quite literally. On came the youngsters, Cleverly, Jones, Evans and boy did they not look a new team. I was extremely impressed with the way Cleverley played. In fact, it would be right to say that he alongside the deeper positioned Wayne Rooney, really changed the game for united. The intricate passing in the final third was a joy to watch and Anderson started to dominate the entire midfield. It was only a matter of time when the comeback began. Ashley young who found a lot of space on the left flank swung in a beautiful corner and Smalling neatly slotted the ball home from close range.    

United were rampant and a beautiful team goal involving Rooney, Anderson and Cleverley was expertely finished by Nani and united were back on level terms. City looked ragged and you could see there was just one winner from this game and it certainly was not the team that had gone ahead at the break. United new boy De Gea made a couple of very nice saves and in general looked comfortable showing why Ferguson spent all that money on him. The winner was right around the corner and in true united style came at the death. A clearance from Rooney found Nani one on one with Hart with a bit of luck as the ball came off Kompany and the portugese superstar made no mistake as he rounded off the England number one to win it for united.

The scenes were those full of joy, city as always clueless of what hit them and the petulant behaviour of Balotelli showed just about everything that is wrong with city and the presence of gulf between the two clubs in terms of not just quality but class too. Over all, a very very pleasant evening for all United supporters who surely cannot wait to see the youngsters emerge, they were in fact the ones that hit city so hard that the rags had no clue where to hide.

Premier league winners 2011-12 united again? Not too bad a guess! 😉

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