The Estimated Cost of being Batman!

So a couple of days ago we gave you the estimated cost of being Iron Man. While we were at it, we drew straight and pretty evident comparisons between Marvel Comics’ Iron Man and DC Comics’ Batman. Both of them, apart from having a will to be super heroes for they love it, other than being owner of multi-billion dollar enterprise are certainly alike in a number of ways. Iron Man will certainly has his nose ahead as far as arrogance is concerned though. If you haven’t checked out our post on the estimate cost of being Iron Man here is the link to the same. Do check it out.

The estimated cost of being Iron Man came out to a figure that weren’t able to comprehend in words but we still will right down the figure for you over here. The figure was: $ 1,612,717,000 only. Now if your accountant found the figure to be too huge and out of your reach of being Iron Man, well, worry not. Here is the estimated cost of being Batman, DC Comics’ Iron Man counter part.

Here is the estimated cost of being Batman:

We are pretty much certain that if you are a Iron Man fan, you certainly are a Batman fan as well so being Batman wouldn’t be a bad option either. Even though, as it appears, the cost of being Batman or rather the total cost of being Batman is considerably less than that of being Iron Man but it still is considerable by our standards. We wouldn’t say that about you though and let you and your accountant decide if you can shed out a sum of $682,451,350 for being Batman!

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