Theme your Facebook and Twitter with Stylish!

Stylish is a free Google Chrome extension that lets you download and install a number of themes for your Facebook, Google, Youtube and Twitter.

Lets face it, we are bound to hate certain features of our most loved websites as far as looks and the design is concerned. This is where Stylish comes in. Even though there have been a number of updates, a number revamps to all Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter and yet many of us just don’t really like the interface. No, we aren’t saying that by using Stylish you will be able to get rid of the Facebook Timeline if you were thinking about it!

Anyhow, Stylish is pretty effective and there are a variety of themes to choose from for all the famous websites, Facebook and Twitter, the two best social networking websites in particular. The themes are more or less stable more often than not and there are a number of vibrant, subtle and various other themes to suit your liking or to suit your mood. We have come across several ways or rather have witnessed several (spam) links on our Facebook wall about theming Facebook but Stylish is most definitely your one stop solution for the same.


We do believe that it might sound a bit complicated but being an end user, all you got to do is download the theme that you like, enable it and boom, you just themed your favorite social networking website. The fact that it works for Youtube as well is something that made it all the more interesting.

There are a couple of bugs to deal with though hence the developers need to be sure of the themes before putting them up for they might eventually cause the plug in to crash and often led to the browser crashing down altogether. That is one small flaw that comes along with it hence we would recommend you to choose the themes after throughly reviewing it i.e. by reading the user comments and any other way you can.

That’s pretty much about it. Stylish is the extension to go for if you are looking to theme up your favorite websites, the websites that you visit the most. So download the Chrome extension from here and start theming your Facebook and Twitter. 

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