Top 10 iOS games of 2011!

It’s the last day of the year and hence it’s time to provide you with the best of the best that has happened in the past 365 days. In this post we will talk about the 10 best iOS applications that we came across in the year 2011!

Here is our list:

10. Angry Birds Rio

In this game the Angry Birds’ fellow winged creatures have been kidnapped and hidden away in a warehouse in Rio. You must rescue them the by catapulting your feathered weapons at various contraptions that guard the caged birds. The gameplay is not dramatically different from the original Angry Birds, yet it does have some subtle changes that will interest enthusiasts. For example, many of the puzzles include ropes, hanging shades and elaborate trees that throw an extra challenge when compared to the original game.

Nothing comes close to beating the Angry Birds banner as far as the addiction to gaming is concerned!

9. NBA Jam

For a mobile game, NBA Jam offers a substantial amount of gameplay. It has the standard quick play option if you want to just pick a team and start playing, but you’ll also find a familiar (if you’ve played previous games in the series) campaign mode, where you pick a team and play successive games against every other team in the league until you’ve beaten them all. Like most modern games, NBA Jam also comes with the requisite achievements, giving any achievement hoarders out there something to work for.

NBA Jam is available for download in the iTunes App Store now for $4.99.

8. iStunt 2

There are over 40 levels in iStunt 2. While each of these is rather short – some only a minute or two in length – this seems to be a very intentional design choice. This is not an easy game. And as you go further and further into it, it becomes increasingly more difficult. But not in a bad way. iStunt 2 is challenging and rewarding. As a result, you’ll want to keep playing and playing.

7. Super Brothers

With a great story, engaging, and absolutely hillarious writing, Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP is a must purchase game for all iOS device owners. It is available now on the iTunes store for $4.99.

6. Grand Theft Auto 3 

Grand Theft Auto 3 was a technical marvel ten years ago. Seeing the experience all over again on a tiny screen evokes the same feeling of awe. It’s going to take a lot of retries and patience to beat Grand Theft Auto 3’s story and auto-aimed big battles (if at all), but the open world is truly legendary, today and a decade ago.

5. Tiny Tower

This one seems to have a better hold on how to make the freemium genre more fair and interactive than other farming and building games. The game has a great charm to it, with plenty of humor to boot. Fans of ‘farming’ games will definitely want to check this out

4. Dead Space

Dead Space is like a wicked seesaw that keeps you teetering between states of panic and outright nervousness no matter how predictable the outcome of a scenario is. This is its real voodoo, the magic of the title, which is informed by a sharp, terror-drenched atmosphere influenced by various sci-fi horror works such as “Event Horizon” and “Alien.”

3. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

The graphics are as beautiful as ever, with more detail than ever. The music and sound effects are well done, though they often drown out dialogue and  instructions, even after I turned them down in the options. You can join the war effort for just seven dollars, and this is the first game in the series to be iOS universal. It’s one of the best iPhone shooters yet, for whatever that’s worth to you.

2. Temple Run

Now this is one game which is beyond addiction. This is the time of game to which, once you get hooked, you stay hooked for a long long time! When you think of it, it wouldn’t be wrong in calling the game as a broad mixture of sonic and Indiana Jones.

Most probably the BEST free iOS game available in the market!

1. Infinity Blade II

When it comes to games add to that the mobile operating system name iOS, nothing comes close to beating Infinity Blade as the best iOS game. The first version of the game was unbeatable and so is the second one. Infinity Blade was an absolute, bona fide hit. I’m not sure anyone expected it to do as well as it did, but two things were obvious, a sequel had to be made and it was going to need more enemies, more items, more weapons and armor, and the most difficult task to undertake, more story. Infinity Blade II delivers in almost every way. This is the ultimate touchscreen hack ‘n slash adventure.

That’s pretty much our top 10 list of iOS games for the year 2011.

Even though we have reviewed some of the games we have put up in our top 10 list, for the few that we haven’t, we will be putting up a review for them soon!

So here is wishing you all a very happy new year from all of us at Observer’s Paradise. Keep gaming, keep enjoying! 🙂

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