Want to be Iron Man? Here is the estimated cost for you!

Iron Man is one of the biggest widely enjoyed and read comic as well as widely watched and much appreciated movie (even though our reason for loving Iron Man was because of the person who was actually Iron Man. Yeah, we love Robert Downy Jr.)

If ever DC Comics and Marvel were to go head to head in terms of their comic characters who are supposed to be more or less alike, Batman and Iron Man are certainly the two of them. Now in the past we gave you a post about the different kinds of Bat Suits that have been seen over the years as well as the number of Batmobiles that have existed. So today we thought to give a piece of spotlight to the Marvel counterpart and we are pretty sure he would love it for as we all know, he certainly loves to be the centre of attention.

We all have certainly loved Iron Man, if not for the way he behaves then for the genius brain, if not for the brain then for his money certainly. Tony Stark or Iron Man certainly has the image of rich playboy and he certainly lives up to it with the clothes he wears, the car he drives and of course, the various parts that he puts on to actually become Iron Man. If you have ever wondered how much would it cost you if you ever wanted to Iron Man, well, we are pretty sure you are going to love this infographic. Here is the estimated cost for being Iron Man!

Before we post the infographic, we would like to give you a statutory warning- the figure might go beyond countable words.

Here is the infographic:

With that we tend to believe that your dreams of becoming Iron Man might have gone down the drain but we will certainly love it if someone can actually provide us in words the exact amount of money that is required to become Iron Man. We will wait for your answers in the comment section below.

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